At Primaflow F&P we are proud in our approach to continually offer you more and this year’s cashback promotion is no exception. Not only do we have a fantastic range of cashback deals running from 1st October until the 21st December, but also we are delighted to introduce the ‘plus’ offering into the mix.

Following on from the massive success of last year, we’re bringing you even more offers. In addition to the standard cashback offers available to you throughout the period, each week we are delighted to bring you bonus promotions to help boost your cashback balance. What’s more, with our easy-to-use rewards website not only can you view the weekly offers but you can also view your cashback total along with a statement of purchases enabling you to see which products you have earned cashback on.


Customer Rewards 2018

The redemption period for Customer Rewards has now ended and orders processed.

We raised the standard in 2018 having listened to your feedback, and our Customer Rewards scheme brought you even more exclusive rewards as a thank you for your ongoing business. With over 750 rewards distributed, including trips to Dubai, New York and Rome, Tag Heuer watches, a huge number of Apple and SONOS products along with a huge number experiences and lifestyle products, we hope winners are enjoying their rewards.

If you missed out this year, do not fear – you will have automatically been enrolled in the £BACK+ promotion, running from the 1st October to the 21st December, please visit the £BACK + pages for me details.